Respecting Your Privacy

This is the author web site of Clifford L. Brody (“CLB”).

Purpose In Presenting This Website. CLB’s purpose in presenting this website is to offer information and / or services to people and organizations who may visit this website.

Information About Website Visitors. This website collects no information about its visitors regarding their internet, domain, or email addresses other than what you, as a user, voluntarily offer when sending an email or inquiry, or respond in the course of accepting services from us. CLB does not share any of that information with anyone. Period.

Advertising. There is no commercial activity of any kind on this website other than presenting CLB’s own offerings for your consideration and possible purchase. There are no intentional third-party advertising links on this site, either. Some links included in this website may open to another commercially-owned website. If you use any of those links, those websites will appear in a separate window, which you can close at any time without leaving this website. CLB has no control over your privacy while you are visiting those other sites, so you should read their privacy statements carefully.

Cookies. This website does not set any cookies or intentionally place any other kind of information on your computer. You have complete and exclusive control over whether your computer’s web browser records the event of your visit to this site in its “History” listings (most web browsers do that), or whether your computer retains information or images from this site in its “Temporary Internet Files” (or equivalent) section (most browsers do that, too!).

Information in Emails and Form Questionnaires. Unless CLB explicitly seeks – and explicitly receives – permission from you to do otherwise, it will not publish, publicize, or share with any third party any information about you or your specific interests that you may provide to us by sending an email, or by filling out and submitting any inquiry form present on this website.

Survey Information. The information you supply in any survey we may present on this website will only be used by CLB for statistical purposes without referencing you in any way, with these exceptions: By filling in data in the comments area, you are allowing CLB to use this information, without identifying you, in research and publications. All such references will be anonymous unless, at the time you take the survey, you specify that you would like attribution. CLB may contact you concerning your survey information, for clarification of information or to let you know if it would like to use specific information from your comments to add to the information on this website and explicitly acknowledge your authorship. Your decision, yes or no, will be binding on CLB.

Your Privacy. If after submitting a question form or email from this website, you do not want to receive email from CLB at any time in the future, or, if you would like to amend any information you’ve provided in a survey, or if you would like to have your information suppressed, please let us know that by sending an e-mail to:

CLB will honor your request in full.

Changes to this Policy. If there are any changes to this Privacy Policy at any time in the future, CLB will prominently post them here to notify you of these changes. If you feel that this site is not following its stated information policy, you may contact CLB at:


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