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The Most Incredible Thing


Late in the game…but not too…

pk-incredible-thing-tiler-peck-jump_400x316Last night, for the first time ever, I attended a New York City Ballet performance, not in New York City and instead at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

Odd that this should be the first time ever, so well into my life, given that I was born and raised in NYC and the suburbs…so near yet, as it turns out, so far from the New York City Ballet that I never ever got to see until last night.

No matter.

pk-incredible-thing-crowded-unaligned_400x280What to me was an unknown until yesterday evening became an extraordinary, enthralling voyage of sound, sight, image and color…whatever I had missed up until then, at least I was starting to make up for the loss.

A friend led the way for me by urging that I go see the Ballet while it was here in D.C. How indebted I am to her. And indeed, during intermission, I emailed her from my fancified new smartphone:

Lindsay, I will be ever in your debt for recommending that I go see the NYC Ballet…where I am right now at intermission time. The three performances so far have truly been breathtaking, as in: they have sucked my breath away.

But the question of questions is now once again ensnarling me: I thought I had some feel for the difference between ballet and modern dance, but I am less close to the answer…far less close… than I was before showing up here tonight.

Not that I am complaining, because to be swept away as I have been so far this evening is as close as one can come to the ecstasy of … well … the intimacy of physical closeness with someone I would have to know, like a whole lot, and perhaps even love…heart pounding…it doesn’t get much better than this…

If that were not enough, what came after made the first three performances mere appetizers.  If you ever have the chance to see the New York City Ballet perform “The Most Incredible Thing”, well, drop everything else from your agenda and GO!

It was the most incredible thing…

Photo credits: NYC Ballet…both from “The Most Incredible Thing”

Discovering Corinna Moon…and rediscovering the human spirit…

cmoon_02Every time, she greets me with a smile as wide as the ocean. And I’m hooked. You would be, too, if you got to know Corinna and saw her smile!

Corinna Moon. To the many people who merely come and go, she’s a server at my Washington D.C. go-to café-dive bar: Tryst.

To her friends, with me lucky to be in that special group, Corinna is a yoga instructor, great pal, patient counselor to friends and …

Continue reading Discovering Corinna Moon…and rediscovering the human spirit…

Quand le sexe devient l’auto-indulgence de notre vanité … et poursuite inutile…

"Belle Du Seigneur", nouveau bouquin en français
“Belle Du Seigneur”, nouveau bouquin en français

english_flag_icon-cropJe suis en train de lire « Belle Du Seigneur », considéré généralement par nombreuses lecteurs européenne comme l’un des 100 meilleurs romans du 20e siècle. Il est surement l’un des plus longs livres du siècle, entre 900 et 1,100 page selon l’édition et langage que vous sélectionnez.

Et, bien que la langue française est toujours une lutte pour moi, je lis la version originale française ce dont chacun de ces 900 pages est elle-même très longe! La gestation du livre lui-même était longue, le manuscrit commencé au début des années 1930, puis interrompue par la Deuxième Guerre Mondiale, et la première édition publié quelques 23 ans plus tard, en 1968.

L’écrivain-auteur, Albert Cohen (Suisse, 1895-1981), tisse une histoire vraie, souvent surréaliste de l’arrogance, de la tromperie, l’amour, la nostalgie et la déception, qui se déroule dans un élégant monde si maintenant presque oublié, un monde de la passion, de l’énergie, et de la politique au sein des très riches en Suisse et partout en Europe dans les années 1930-40. Continue reading Quand le sexe devient l’auto-indulgence de notre vanité … et poursuite inutile…

Sex as the self-indulgence of vanity… and hopelessly vain pursuit

"Belle Du Seigneur", new French language paperback edition
“Belle Du Seigneur”, new French language paperback edition

French_Flag_Small_IconI am reading “Belle du Seigneur”, considered to be one of the top 100 European novels of the 20th century. It’s got to be one of the longest, too, between 900 and 1,100 pages depending on which language version you choose.

And, although the French language is still a struggle for me, I am reading the original French version, so each of those pages is itself very long! The book’s gestation itself was long, too, with the manuscript begun in the early 1930’s, interrupted by World War II and first published only some 23 years later, in 1968.

The book’s author, Albert Cohen (Switzerland, 1895-1981), weaves a real, oftentimes surreal story of arrogance, deceit, love, yearning and disappointment, unfolding in an elegant if now almost forgotten world of passion, power, and politics among the very rich of Switzerland and Europe in the 1930s. Continue reading Sex as the self-indulgence of vanity… and hopelessly vain pursuit

Taking Issue with “The Art of Loving”

The other evening at a café, quite by chance, I was suddenly taken back 45 years to my time in college.

A woman seated close by was gathering up her belongings and had dropped a brand new paperback that, as it turns out, she had just started reading.

The Art of Loving, the original Bantam paperback … it cost only 75 cents!

Picking it up for her, I glanced at the back and instinctively was sure that I had read this book … but long ago. Turning it over, sure enough, Continue reading Taking Issue with “The Art of Loving”

Talk About Commitment! The World Is In Good Hands … These Good Hands

Though we may be media-assaulted every day about what is going wrong with the world, it is also true that many more things, too often hiding in plain sight, are proof that the outlook for the world is actually pretty darn good.

Millennium Stage LogoSo it was for me to be so reminded, along with the many others attending last Friday’s (Aug. 7, 2015) Kennedy Center Millennium Stage performance in Washington, D.C.

Ella Kim, 7 years old

On stage to thrill us were the six winners of the 30th International Young Artist Piano Competition, ranging in age from 7 years old (yes, 7 years old) to age 29.

Each had masterfully paired Continue reading Talk About Commitment! The World Is In Good Hands … These Good Hands

What Matters Most To Millennials

Yesterday, during a meeting meant to hammer out our “message” for promoting a large fundraiser, the question came up: what really matters the most to Millennials?

M1The answer we settled on turned out to be hiding in plain sight: Time, and the anxiety of choosing how best to use it.

How did we settle on “time”?

We started by looking at a habit commonly ascribed to Millennials, namely their Continue reading What Matters Most To Millennials

Altered Archives: The Gracefulness and Greatness of Pure Excellence

altered_02Mesmerized. And lucky, very lucky, that I have seen, in Washington, D.C.’s still-ongoing 2015 Capital Fringe Festival, the mystically brilliant “Altered Archives”.

Brought to the stage by the recently formed MotionX Dance DC and its conceptualizer dream team-of-three Stephanie L. Dorrycott, Lindsay Benson Garrett, and Elysia Greene, Altered Archives is a journey unlike any other, opening a window on the velvet if too-often-tense-and-troubled beauty of people revisiting their memories, people rediscovering the emotion of past moments … people moving beyond words as they relive and inevitably alter these “archives” through lithe, elegant, graceful, sensual dance, spoken words, media art, and the magic of light and dark.

You want to see Altered Archives. You really do!

I may indeed be a dance dolt, Continue reading Altered Archives: The Gracefulness and Greatness of Pure Excellence

“It’s What We Do” … Well-Acted, Artful Pandering

IWWD_01Right now in Washington DC., the splendid Tenth Anniversary Capital Fringe Festival is unfolding. (Applause!)

We Festival-Goers including Yours Truly can partake of over 120 performances, the creative work of mostly local and regional playwrights, dance companies, “craft” theater groups, musicians, and comedians, brought together by a Continue reading “It’s What We Do” … Well-Acted, Artful Pandering