About “Commitments”…

140325.NewCover_13_Front_Only_194x300Why do we make commitments? Why do we break them? Why does it hurt so much more when others break their commitments to us than when we break our commitments to them?

And why do we then make even more commitments—without any assurance that things will work out better the next time around?

In Commitments, a fast-paced, entertaining commentary on human behavior, author Clifford Brody takes you on a personal journey into events of his own life, some deeply wounding, that speak to what commitments are and aren’t, and why he is very glad that he made those commitments even when they failed so miserably…

…and why you, too, will be happier doing the same thing.

This first of a kind book, blending elements of the traditional with the truly creative, whisks readers back through history, marriages, movies, rock music, Twitter, ice cream, Broadway shows, even computer chips—things that no one would ever believe might fit together in any story.

But they do. And that enables Commitments’  readers to discover why people actually get ahead not just when commitments succeed but also when they fail, and why it is smart to trust others to deliver on their commitments even when there is no concrete proof that they ever will!